Monday, March 25, 2013

Good Behaviour

I didn’t mean to read this book because it really isn't my normal fare. I picked it up quite by accident and just started reading out of sheer boredom. Immediately, I was sucked in to this black, dreary tale of the life of (Iris) Aroon St Charles in post-WWI Ireland. When Aroon doesn’t seem to really care that her mother has just dropped dead in the middle of eating her lunch of rabbit mousse, I knew I had to stick around to see what happens to this bitter, unloved, overweight lady.
As an American, I actually studied this book as one might study a history book. The book alone is fascinating for it’s portrayal of the day-to-day lives of the shabby-chic horsy set of that time period. To say that the characters in the book are into horses is a huge understatement. These folk live and breathe horses, ya’ll.

As many books written about this era, the story does become a bit “wordy” at times and drove me to make a concentrated effort to not to put the book down in favor of something a bit more lighter and carefree. I would only recommend this book if you’re into dark, period, horse-oriented novels.

Rating: 6.5

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