Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So 5 Minutes Ago

This is one of those “girl-from-back-East-goes-to-Hollywood-and-makes-good” type of novels that I adore so much. I mean, come on... what are the chances that a middle-aged gay man from North Carolina would ever get to move to Hollywood and work with movie stars on a daily basis ? Answer that question and you'll see exactly why I live so vicariously through these types of books.

This is the story of Alex Davidson, a pretty, mid-thirties publicist that's working at a rather well-know agency that handles B celebrities (and former A celebrities whose careers have hit the skids). As you might imagine, this can lead to quite a few wacky adventures with the paranoid and extremely eccentric clients. There’s a client that obviously Matthew McConaughey (Troy Madden) and one that's obviously Cher (The Phoenix). Since the author was (is ?) a publicist in real life, I have to wonder if she did indeed have these people as clients at one time. Hmmm. 

With the help of her sassy gay assistant, no-nonsense best friend and The Phoenix, she finds herself involuntarily involved in some rather serious interoffice politics and has to take down the crooked Hollywood bigwigs that are about to put a lot of undeserving people out of work and besides it’s the right thing to do... Alex is a good girl and if she can correct some injustice, she will.

I liked this book and but wished the author had made it longer and fleshed it out a bit. Unfortunately, I was left feeling a little deflated at the end.

Rating: 8.0