Friday, April 27, 2012

Sleeping With Ward Cleaver

I’m going to be brave and confess something. I originally bought this book by the delightful Jenny Gardiner for the fun, kitschy cover art. I know, I know, not very scholarly, huh? I thought I was getting a light, fluffy chick lit book…you know, the sort of thing you’d read at the beach or around the pool.

But what you actually end up with is quite a serious novel about the real problems that most people that are married or in a long-term relationship face daily. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying this book isn’t funny…

I laughed through many parts of it but mainly I was very moved and touched because I could remember having many of the same problems as Claire (the main character) when I was in a long-term relationship.

I found myself rooting for her and wishing she'd either shit or get off the pot when it came to her marital issues. Claire dithers back and forth quite a bit when it comes to her husband problems (as most of us would). We’re torn when it comes to our spouses, right? You love your husband but sometimes you want to murder him in his sleep and making a run for the border. Come on, admit it, we've all thought about it.

So, how do you keep the everyday problems from effecting things in ol' boudoir ? Your spouse is bossy, doesn’t help around the house, bitches at you for spending too much money at the grocery store, gripes about the way you handle the children and then at bedtime has the nerve to brazenly try to get some nookie.

If you say,

“I don’t think so”


“I’m not in the mood”


“I have a headache”

He’ll pout and not speak to you for days or either he’ll call you a frigid bitch and you guys will get into an ugly shouting match that will surely wake the kids. So in the interest of peace, you just lie there and let him have his way with you, seething and silently counting the seconds till he finishes. Argh !

You’ll just have to read this book to behold the extreme measures Claire goes through to say her marriage and rekindle the flames.

Perhaps her husband, Jack isn’t such a bad guy after all? Perhaps he wants to change things just as much as Claire does but just hasn't a clue where to start...

I think we could all learn something from this book, I know I certainly did.

Rating: 7.5

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